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FC magnesium Carbon Bricks for Ladle lip
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magnesia carbon refractory bricks ,used for ladle lip, long service life .

  FC  magnesium Carbon  Bricks for Ladle lip




Product Description









Apparent porosity  


Bulk density


Cold crushing strength 


Hot  temperature     

 Bending strength     (MPa)


MT  -6A








Product features:

     1. High refractoriness :1650°c:

    2.,excellent anti-oxidation,

    3.Perfect thermal stability,resist the change of extreme hot and extreme cold ,

    4 High strength ,

    5.Instructure density , low apparent ( less than 4%)

    6.Strong performance for resist the brush;

    7.High abrasion- resistance strength ,

    8. perfect ability of anti-slag;

    9. Difficult  hydration,

    10. super resistance for  erosion and spall, thicker residual bricks

    11. can be used for long time.



 Used for Ladle lip  ;



    1.Choose FMand high-purity graphite as  raw  materials


2.Crushing the raw material into power :


  3. Make the phenolic resin as the binder, add variety of additives

  4.Mix the raw material evenly.


  4.To form by high-pressure 


 5.To dry in the kiln under high temperature.



   Quality control:

1.Examination for raw material :



2.Check the half-finished products:

1128.jpg3 045.jpg

3.Examination for every specification:





Our Services


1.Technical service :

 (1).Design capacity:

We can design the whole furnace lining according to the measurement of furnace cover or the detailed specification that the customers supply ;if it is necessary we can we to investigate in the steel plants, and then design for the customer.

(2).Manufacture :

We can manufacture Magnesia carbon bricks ,Alumina-Magnesia- carbon bricks ,tap hole ,clink bricks , most kinds of unshaped material.

(3).Construction capacity:

     We have professional construction teams, we successfully finished lots of items of whole install for the customers from home and abroad so many years ,

(4).After-sale Service :     

    As starting up the operation ,we supply the scientific baking curve ,instruct the start up;

    we will send a team which can follow the whole operate for converter , along with the detecting;  

    We also will point one engineer to grasp the using situation in the steel plant ,in order to reflect the fact to our company.


 2 .Feature Products :

(1). MgO-C Bricks and Al-Mg-C Bricks  

   Used for Converter,EAF and Ladle .

(2).Al2O3-SiC-C Bricks

   Used for torpedo pot ;

(3).Magnesia Calcium bricks and Magnesia Chrome bricks

    Used for Ladle

(4).Unshaped refractory products.



Company Information


   Liaoning Fucheng Refractories Group Co., Ltd was found in 1989,has been developing into a comprehensive enterprise,which combines refractory , inventing , designing ,producing and technical services in a suit .includes Fucheng FM factory,Dashiqiao Second Refractory MillTianyun Refractoriness Co.,Ltd, Dalian xinxi Trade Company,Fucheng Resin plant.
     Our company mainly produces Magnesia carbon bricks, Alumina magnesia carbon bricks for converters, EAF and ladles, non-carbon bricks for refining ladles, AL-SIC-C bricks for torpedo ladles, and various kinds of unshaped refractory materials such as repairing and gunning materials for converters, EAF and ladles.

     Our corporation is located in Nanlou Economic Development Zone, Dashiqiao City of southern Liaoning, well known for rich magnetite resources and superior geographical environment.

     With registered capital of RMB 64.43 million, fixed assets of RMB 250 million,annual sale amounts reaches  RMB 300million.


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