Development History?
Stereotypical factory purchased Germany 2500 tons of rice hydraulic press, realize the automatic control of moulding process, which greatly improves the stability of production capacity and product quality
The training plant for further extension, expanded production capacity from 60,000 tons/year to 100,000 tons/year. The same year, the factory added 2 1250 tons of friction brick press, mainly the production of large-tonnage MgO-c brick for Converter
In order to reduce production costs and improved the stability of product quality, we have established mold factory of urban and urban resin plant, mainly for our company to provide production of styling products with mould and combines high performance phenolic resin ... Establishment of urban mold factory plant and resin, marks the integration of our company to develop the prototype has forming
The training plant extension, expanded production capacity by 40,000 tons/year to60,000 tons/year
For adapted overall contracting of new sales mode, we in urban group its investment established days shipped refractory company, main production big fabric, and spray fill material, and billet anti-oxidation paint, and smear material, and no water gun mud, and iron ditch material, and pound playing material, and drainage sand, and breathable brick, and the God high performance of pouring material, indefinite shaped refractory, to fill has I company in bulk-like material field of blank, years production capacity for 100,000 tons around
Longer to adapt to rapid market share rights issue, we invest in the construction of a second setting does not burn product line (shaping plant), expanded the magnesium carbon brick and aluminum magnesium carbon brick and aluminum production capacity of silicon carbide carbon brick, brick, when the plant's annual production capacity of about 40,000 tons. The same year, the Liaoning urban form refractory (Holdings) limited, referred to as Liaoning urban group, manages urban fused magnesia factory dashiqiao, Dalian Xin XI trade, and plant operations group, management system standardization
We set up the new Dalian Xin trading company, the company has the right to import and export trade. Marks our company has independent import and export trade
In order to expand the scope of management, we have established a second refractory plant of dashiqiao (dashiqiao II for short) marks the company's product from the unit extends the base of raw material to shaping products, and we began to produce magnesia carbon brick, aluminum magnesium carbon brick without burning products, annual production capacity of 20,000 tons. In 2012, was terminated by the Government demolition for more than 20 years of production activities
By virtue of abundant mineral resources, we invested in dashiqiao city concept Mashan refractory plant, mainly the production of sintered magnesite, from the opening of our new journey in the refractory industry! Later developed into urban electro-fused magnesia sinter plant, the plant's annual production capacity of 25,000 tons?